Doug Warren is a genius my friends. In his recent studies of the animal known as the “wolf” Doug reveals the secrets to not being eaten by Wolves:

How to not be eaten by Wolves


10 thoughts on “

  1. *gasp* Doug’s paper is likened to that of Montey Python and therefore we both “fart in your general direction. Now leave us alone, before we taunt you a second time.”
    Well at least you were honest. We can’t all love Doug’s humor.

  2. I think it is very funny too, but the statement Doug made “I think it is funny as crap,” is crap really all that funny? I mean sure when it is someone else it may seem comical, but what about when it happens to you?

  3. I couldn’t decide who deserved the eProps…you, for posting the wolf paper, or Doug for being a frappin’ genius…so I shall comment and dispense eProps on both blogs.

  4. umm…not sure whether to comment about pooo…or the paper…i’ll leave that be…i thought it was down right hilarious…not rolling on he floor beet red funny…but i made me laugh hard inside…;)…i like that sense of humor.

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