Dann wants me to post a long blog. Truth is, I am not inspired to write
or rant about anything. I have bloggers block. However, I am content to
comment on everyone elses blogs.  So just hang in there and stick
it out with me. And if you want to, you can always bring me Dr. Pepper,
powedered donuts, or a Hershey’s Double Chocolate bar, or a suprise
from the bookstore.


5 thoughts on “

  1. AND if you want to, after you go see Kevin in the library, you can bring me a Diet Coke to the dungeon. That’s a brilliant idea.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words you left! I really do appreciate it. And I’m not saying all guys are bad, but I can’t seem to pick the good ones! šŸ™‚ But I just wanted to say thanks. You always put the nicest things down! I hope you have a great day!

  3. Making blogs longer: descriptive sentences, seperated by hitting return. It makes it look longer, even if it isn’t.
    Either that or find something interesting to do and then talk about that, but that’s a whole lot trickier, especially in Plainview.

  4. Speking of bloggers block, I am having writers block. There is only so much humor you can find in a play about branch Davidians, so I am on about page thirty and I am stuck, so right now I am just trying to come up with a lot of puns to put in it, because I heard puns are the lowest form of humor, and I think I can put that to good use.

  5. Blogger’s block?  I would think it’s the blogger’s perogative to write or not write exactly what he wants without undue pressure from outside forces – LOL – but hey I’m new to this, perhaps I too will experience my own block. 

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