“Life is the dance floor. You are the music.”   I heard that last night watching “Mean Girls.”

So I thought and pondered on it for while. Sometimes I feel completely
off rhythym and trivial. As if  I can’t seem to get past the same
rendundant lifestyle. Where’s the discipline and the freedom to dance?
Where’s the abundancy that I always hear about and seldom experience?

The answer lies somewhere in my relationship with Christ and the level
of dependency  I have on Him. Thus, I am left to ponder more.

Disclaimer:I unashamedly admit I watch chick flicks with my wife
and ENJOY them. Yes, I am comfortable with my masculinity. No, I am
really not all that sensitive in real life. Ask my wife.


14 thoughts on “

  1. well, that’s interesting. i was just thinking about how i need a boy who will like to watch “Sabrina” – the new one and the old one.

  2.      Um, yeah.  The first thought I have is that, surely, there can’t be anything that deep in a movie like that.  From there, I thought that the metaphor would make a lot more sense if life were the music and you were doing the dancing, or maybe God should be the music and you should be the dance floor, or maybe God is the floor that we’re all dancing on, oblivious to His existence?  Then I went back to my first thought…

  3. I actually really liked “Mean Girls.” My mom had watched it and told me to watch it because of the whole homeschool thing (I was homeschooled). I thought it was a good movie because that’s exactly the way girls treat each other (myself included).
    Anyway, it was nice to meet your family today (lost Skittles and all). Take care!

  4. I thought of watching Mean Girls also.  It’s based on a non-fiction sociology text, Queen Bees and Wannabees, as filted through the snarky humor of SNL head writer Tina Fey.  So it should be more substantial than the typical teen flick.   

  5. It was definitely more substantial than the typical teen flick. I was pleasantly surprised. I watched the special features today which included lot’s of commentary from Tina Fey and a lengthy interview with the author of Queen Bees and Wannabees…very entertaining.

  6. My husband claims to hate chick flicks, yet remarkably we own almost every movie Jennifer Lopez has ever starred in and frequently watch reruns of  “Anaconda” on TV – LOL – oh and I didn’t purchase the movies myself and I abhor the aforementioned flick, so you do the math – LOL!!

  7. I agree with Timmy…i surely appreciate the time i spend with my girl watching chick flicks…never be afraid to show your sensitivity.  😀  Plus she likes to watch cheesy action flicks with me so it’s all good. 

  8. I experienced how it felt like to dance with Jesus last weekend during worship. It’s amazing how He will keep you in rhythm when your heart is right with Him… you don’t even notice you’re in step cause you’re so focused on Him. But when you let go of His hand and He’s not leading … you get off step and it seems so hard to get back in step on the dance floor. You try to get back in step by letting other people/things guide you but it just fails.
    Also, I’m very picky with chick flicks… i just don’t watch any kind.. I didn’t like Mean Girls. Thought it was shallow and really mean. I don’t know any girls that acts/dress like them. Maybe I do… i don’t know.

  9. Odd Girl Out by Rachel Simmons is a great book.  It’s about the “hidden culture of female aggression” Amazing book.   I think mean girls and that book go hand in hand
    and hey, I’m glad you got something out of the movie.  God Bless you, brother!

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