Watched Wicker Park today. I really enjoyed it. For some reason, I am always paralleling these movies with our relationship with Christ. So here’s another point of view from the movie.

Alex is like the sin in our lives. We as Christians are so passionately searching for our first love and when we think He’s gone, or that He has turned His back on us, we just give up. We find something else to entertain us for a while. But then, there is that glimpse of Him again. And we desperately want Him again. Turns out the whole time, sin was blinding us from the truth. The whole time, Christ was searching for us and sin was deleting our messages.

I don’t know…loose analogy at least. My soul is heavy tonight. So I am not much on deep thought.


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  1. Hey brother. Right on! You win. The comment about your wife was the correct answer by you. You followed the correct protocol. First, make clear that your wife is numero uno, then mention someone else in passing. Smart man. And the cool thing is that you were certainly sincere too, which is terribly important. Glad for ya!So maybe I’ll pick up that movie. Shied away from it because it looked like a chick flick. I watched “The Forgotten” tonight. Saw it once already. Crazy, strange flick. Later

  2. I’m a budding young speaker, myself.  I love it, but I’m not sure that I’m much good at this point.  It’s a major adrenaline rush   I spoke at my first church about a month ago (I was invited!!)
    yes, Im a spaz, yes, Im ok with that…
    hey, my pastor doesn’t like complaining either, but he’s an excellent pastor, so don’t write yourself off quite yet.  It looks to me you handle disobedient elmo quite well! šŸ˜‰
    and hey… you know of any good ways I can learn html without breaking my pocket book and losing my sanity?

  3. we liked that movie too…which was a little surprising cause judging by the previews I had seen, I didn’t think it was gonna be something we’d like. But I was wrong so that’s cool. Good parallel.

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