After the Great War of the Stolen Hulk circa 2005, I am not sure what
to say. However, I have been reminded again of the awesome transcending
power of the body of Christ, given by His blood.  There are 
many Christians that I have met on Xanga and don’t know in real life.
Yet, I feel like I do know them because of the bond we share in Christ.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are many, many who don’t get
this “Jesus Thing.”  Instead I am labeled as “Holier Than Thou” or
one of those Bible thumpers.  That’s NOT it all. You’ve got the
wrong picture. See, I am cheif among sinners, knowing grace and abusing
it by neglecting the Spirit. See, I am madly in love with Christ and
can not help but speak.  It’s not about how much I go to church,
or read my Bible, or how well I can pray, or how “spiritual” I am
trying to be. Nope.

 It boils down to one thing:  knowing Christ and the fullness of His resurrection.


7 thoughts on “

  1. good call. I’m, never sure really how to handle those comments but really if someone made fun of me for loving my husband so intensely, I’d probably be like “whatever, it’s how I feel”, ya know? And you’re right, it’s just that…we’re in love. It’d be a sad, sad thing to fall in love and not laugh about it, dance about it, talk about it, sing about it, etc.

  2. I know I should learn to chill out, but I started reading the whole thing about the “hulksta” and I had to say something to that idiot. What a rude person he is. I make that know to him aswell. haha.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that my brother lives in lubbock- he’s a techy. lol. what church do you go to? When I go down to visit I go to the Heights Fellowship, ever heard of it? Hmm, btw, I am not sure if it was sticking up for you or for womens lib. more ;0) If you ever need anyone to back up what you say, or help with anything let me know, thats what Biblical Worldview class is for!

  4. wow.  a lot happens when you’re gone. 
    about the shopping: two of my friends from my hometown came down to go to the Skillet concert, took me, and also went shopping with me.  One of them is a guy, who just can’t match.  Let’s just say we had to show him where the career section ended and the granny section started.  lol.  It was funny.
    I hope you’ve had a chance to calm since all this hulk stuff.  It looks to me like the dude is lookin for attention and a rise out of people.  Meaning he probably needs to be loved and respected.  I know it’s hard to do when he says crappy things about others, but remember: he is wounded and hurt, and is exactly who Christ came to heal.
    Have a great day!  If/when I put messengers back on my computer, we should chat some time
    and hey, how are your wife and Caedmon doing?
    peace Asher

  5. Right on, brother. preach. I’ve noticed the same thing on xanga. Sometimes I read random people’s posts and just kinda know they must be a Christian even though they may not mention it in the post. It’s pretty neat. I was thinking yesterday about the Body. Same blood runs through all of us. It’s awesome.

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