Finishing up Max Lucado’s, “No Wonder They Call Him Savior.” Thought
the exc following excerpt from chapter 21 was awesome. He is describing
the cross experience in one word sentences:

Road. Dark. Stars. Shadows. Four. Sandals. Robe. Quiet. Suspense.
Grove. Trees. Alone. Questions. Anguish. “Father!” Sweat. God. Man.
God-Man. Prostrate. Blood.

Footsteps. Torches. Voices. Romans. Surprise. Kiss. Confusion. Betrayal.

Courtyard. Priests. Lamps. Sanhedrin. Caiaphas. Arrogance. Plotting.
Calm. Shove. Kick. Indignant. Messiah? Trial. Nazarene. Confident.
Question. Answer. Punch!

Peter. “Me?” Rooster. Thrice. Guilt.

Proceedings. Court. Rejection. Prosecute. Weary. Pale. Witnesses.
Liars. Inconsistent. Stares. “Blasphemer!” Anger. Bruised. Dirty.
Fatigued. Guards. Spit. Mocking. Blows. Fire. Twilight.

Sunrise. Golden. Jerusalem. Temple. Passover. Lambs. Lamb. Worshipers. Priest. Messiah. Fraud. Prisoner. Pilate. Trap.

Stirring. Crowd. Swell. Romans. Pilate. Annoyed. Nervice. “Charge?”
Indifference. Ignore. (Wife. Dream.) Worry. Interview. “King?” 
“Heaven.” Truth. Sarcasm. Roar. Voices.

Herod. Useless. “King?” Robe. Theatrical. Cynical. Pilate.

Marching. Uproar. “Innocent!” Riot. “Barabbas!” Despair. Christ. Bare.
Whip. Slash. Scourge. Tear. Bone. Moan. Flesh. Thorns. Stining.
Laughter. Jeering. Scepter. Slap. Weak. Compromise. Blood. Guilt.

Soldiers. Thieves. Crosspiece. Shoulder. Heavy. Beam. Stagger. Incline.
Houses. Faces. Mourners. Pilgrims. Murmurs. Women. Tumble. Exhaustion.
Gasping. Pathetic. Galgotha.

Skull. Calvary. Crosses. Execution. Death. Wine. Nude. Bruised.
Swollen. Sign. Nails. Pound. Pound. Pound. Contorted. Thirst. Terrible.
Grace. Writhing. Raised. Hung. Suspended. Sponge. Tears. Taunts.

Death. Life.
Pain. Peace.
Condemn. Promise.
Him. Us.

“Father!” Robbers. Paradise. Waling. Weeping. Stunned. Afraid. Scapegoat. Silence. Death. Relief.

Earthquake. Cemetary. Tombs. Bodies. Mystery. Curtain. Blood. Water.
Spices. Linen. Fear. Waiting. Despair. Stone. Mary. Running. Maybe?
Peter. John. Belief. Enlightenment. Truth. Mankind. Alive. Alive. Alive!


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  1. ya, that’s warm. Well, IS it warm for there? Or are you guys in a cold front? It got pretty warm here today. Melted all the snow on the roads, driveways, but there’s still some on the yards. It’s 50 degrees. Heat wave!

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