Watched Minority Report and LOVED it. Not much of a sci-fi person, but
it had several plot twists. Thorougly enjoyed it.  There was a
line that seemed relevant to the Christian faith when describing the
“Precrime” system.

The agent said “The system is perfect. But there is one flaw. It is human.”

I will let you chew on that for a few moments. After to your through, deposit your cud in my comments please.


8 thoughts on “

  1.      Great movie!  I’m not much of a suspense person, but I loved the story and the whole concept.  Did You Know: the whole movie came from a short story about that Catholic detective?  Thus all the religious connotations…

  2. Okay, Mr. “bananna peppers” – here’s some “cud” for you – LOL!  I haven’t seen the movie because I detest Tom Cruise and boycott all his lame acting, but as an english teacher it sounds like something I would enjoy reading – as I love literary criticism and anything containing so much biblical and historical allusions has got to be good.  In fact – have you ever read Night by Elie Wiesel?  It is a Holocaust memoir – I think everyone should read it – it’s awesome.

  3. Philip K. Dick, who wrote the original short story, was very interested in Gnosticism, so “Christian” themes wouldn’t be too surprising. 

  4. Yeah, I thought it was awesome. Since you are into watching movies lately, I’ll recommend an older one that is pure greatness. Usual Suspects. This one rocks, and just for you it has one of the best quotes “The greatest thing the devil ever did was convince the world he doesn’t exist.” Awesome.

  5. I remember watching that movie a year or so back, it was very good.  LoL I just wrote this really long spiel about a bunch of useless rambling, I’m gonna stick with, the movie was good, and I too can see some ties to Chrisitianity, but I’m also biased, I look for stuff like that.

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