Still reading this amazing book, “the Vision and the Vow.” Finished a chapter that inspired me to create a blogring, which can be found here.

Peter Craig, the author, opened my eyes to something that I think the Western Church tends to shun. That is orders. I have always thought of orders to be some what cult-like or heading in that general direction. Then I thought of a practical example, the Junior Service League (JSL).

Let’s compare a member of the JSL, who commits the next 7 years of their life to service projects and benevolence in the community. Now, take someone who simply agrees that they are doing a good job and also thinks that benevolence is great idea. Which of the two is likely to have more of an impact an carry out the ideals of the JSL: the member or the one who simply agrees with their values? The member.

So I want to be a member of the Honorable Order of the Mustard Seed. I don’t want to be one of the countless Christians whose a spectator of society. I want to be involved and be used by Christ to make an impact. I, my friends, have a lot of growing up to do.


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  1. yah, I guess I should be thankful that Corbin can’t get out of his crib on his own and come in our room whenever he wants…I still get a little say in the matter. I love the little guy w/ everything I got but he’s horrible to sleep w/. He lays sideways, he kicks, he swings his little arms, he moans, he talks, he sits up randomly…ridiculous.

  2. hmmm… honorable order of the mustard seed.   I’m in, can’t get much better than that.  When do we start withering fig trees and throwing mountains into the sea?  I’ve got some big mountains that need tossed… and all it takes is faith as big as a mustard seed… and I suppose that faith is demonstrated through patience and reliance on God.  Isn’t it amazing how the further you dig into God’s word, the more it proves itself right every time?
    So Get Up, Get Out, and Spread some mustard seed!

  3. You have some great insight, thank you for posting your thoughts. I admire yours and your wifes love for God.
    God bless.

  4. thanks for the comment.  i read that book a couple months ago, it revolutionzed a lot of things in my brain.  i began to do a bit of research on zinzendorf, he seemed like a pretty cool guy. 

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