Ok, it’s Spring Break. On Saturday it was 80 freaking 2 degrees
outside. Today, its snowing.  Amanda and Caedmon are in New Mexico
visiting Grammy and Papaw.

Honey, have you seen the fingernail clippers?


16 thoughts on “

  1. It’s PaPa not Papaw and the fingernail clippers are either A: in my bed side table, B: In the top right desk drawer, or C: in one of the baskets in the bathroom closet/cabinet under the sink.

  2. You guys crack me up!!
              And yes, I still very much appreciate the diet coke surprise visit. Very thoughtful indeed.

  3. I was just passing by and wanted to say hello.  Wow it snowed!  I wish we had snow in Dallas!  I hope you have a wonderful Spring Break!  Take care and God Bless!

  4. Hey this is going to sound random but did you ever work with a girl named Melanie Bond or at a place called Possum Kingdom? Cause if you are who I think you are then I know you…Dun dun dun, the plot thickens. This is Danny Hites from Oklahoma. If you have no clue who this is then just disregard the message. Have a great day. ~Danny

  5. Hey, That’s amazing that I found you. I still remember those 2 weeks when I came down and worked at PK ministries. It was a lot of fun. I graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University last may and life has been pretty interesting ever since. I can’t believe that you still have that yellow youth tour shirt, I haven’t seen mine in about 3 years. My sister is doing really well, she is a sophomore in college and works in Norman. Jamie and Jason are doing good. They both got kids now and I haven’t kept in touch with them as I would like. I talked to Jamie last fall, but I don’t live in Oklahoma City any longer, so it’s difficult to keep in touch. That should basically catch you up on me. What’s been going on with you? I see that your married, that was like the last thing I ever heard of you until now. Have a great day. ~Danny

  6. Man, that’s really weird about the weather. Really weird. I mean, we’ll get snow, then have a 40 degree day or vice versa, but 80? Geezum.Oh, and no, not quite chewing a random piece of meat. I was leftovers from the night before I had for lunch.

  7. I did know about Jason being at that church, because I visited them for a week during the spring of 1999. They did some good work there and I loved their youth group. I haven’t spoken to Melanie Bond in almost 3 years. We kept in contact through email correspondence and phone calls up until 2002, which was the first summer that she didn’t come to work at Woodland Hills. Last I had heard she was teaching at Tarleton state or in Weatherford. Take care.

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