Ode to Subscribers:
*disclaimer: not trying to one up my wife. And I am sure that I have
missed some people. I went off the list that Xanga brought up when I
clicked on subscribers*

a_5econd_chance: ah..the joys of marketing class!

agape323: Scott,  I love you like a brother. You are by far one of
the greatest friends to have. Some day I will actually meet you in real
life. Thanks for all your prayers and phone calls.

ashknife: you are definitely a true friend and I have very much enjoyed
our friendship over the years. You are also very diligent in your work.
I appreciate that.

badxmaru: Hmmm… I think I subscribed to you first. Thought your blog was neat.

beloved_spear: You very much have a love for people and it shows. You seem to hear straight from God’s heart.

boringracheal: your handle is an oxymoron. Your one-liners have made
you famous. I love your blog and I agree with my wife. We all need to
hang out sometime. I am still waiting on my dr. peppers.

browneyes142a: I know who you are!

cakeordeath: Jason, you are one of the funniest people I know. You also
an awesome photographer! I also value the “business” advice you offer
and the 1 minute conversations we have. You also introduced me to Eddie
Izzard, what more can I say?

carlosestevanzamore: Charles. You’re weird, but in a good way. You are a
very interesting. Some day you will achieve the ranks of a true gamer.

cassiejo1016: Another awesome Wayland person. Except not really Wayland anymore. Have enjoyed your comments and blog.

Corinth13Love:  An internet friend that is close to my heart (via
Scott). Some day the Leggetts shall meet you in the flesh. Until then,
keep loving God and seeking hard after his own heart.

dannwigner: One of my best friends. Enough said.

danny_boi: God works in wonderful ways. Meet you back in 1997 or there
abouts while working as a missionary. Last week you stumbled across my

dazed and comphused: We may not agree on everything, but one thing is
for sure. You are a great friend. I enjoy everything from sword
fighting to random Dr. Peppers to writing our nerdy novel.

Elfweirdo: I know you via my wife’s blog and am so excited that you are
coming to Wayland! Don’t forget to visit the library. You seem like a
really neat girl.

elpy: Found your blog first. It was random. Loved the colors and your expressions of faith. You seem very real and transparent.

JamGuitarist: Don’t know how you found my site. But you had like 61 comments on your last entry. That says enough.

jesusfareak7: sorry I fired you at work. But you fell in love with
Dann, there was nothing I could do. You also have the worlds greatest
t-shirt collection. Might I add you are a very happy person to be

jslewis: Always a good read! I enjoy your geniuine relationship with Christ. I think we would get along in real life.

Kirisuchan33: hmmm. I think I subscribed to you first. However, I met
you via swordfighting. Your relationship with Christ is on your sleeve.
I like that.

Kellielli815: you are going to have to clue me on this one.

KellyEdg: Girl, you are definitely after God’s own heart. I have
thorougly enjoyed reading your blog and reading what God is doing in
your life. Thanks for being the salt and the light.

Liworshipfe: I subscribed to you because I absolutely love your handle!

moostie_lou:  What can I saw but that I LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE THE
MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Seriously! I think you are such
an amazing hottie. I am blessed to have such a wonderful wife. Caedmon
is blessed to have you for his mom.  I LOVE YOU!

MrMohairRise: Don’t know where your handle came from. But we all love Doug. You are hilarious!

pelkeypartyof4: You guys need to move to Texas, where you belong. We
seriously need to arrange for the Pelkey-Leggett reunion or union since
we haven’t actually met. Another proof that the body of Christ
transends technology.

pyrefrost_star: Known you for a long time. Perhaps one of the people I have known the longest.

pipsqually: woe to ye who never updates. You are a great friend and I enjoy the swordfights.

SavingAsher – Since you didn’t subscribe you
should be branded for that. But I am very much enjoying watching God
working out your salvation through your blog. You seem like you would
be a great friend in real life.

she_who_sparkels: Mellie! You were one of my first long term internet
friends. I miss playing Achaea with you, but I think we have both grown
out of that stage. You are an awesome girl. Very genuine.

Spiritual Butterfly: Just met you. Awesome spiritual insight and awesome blog site!

Strangeduck82: You came to me first. I think that you are definitely a
man after God’s own heart in spite of what life throws your way. I
always enjoy your blog and comments.

Swimfast327: You have your heart in the right place…in steady pursuit
of God. You have great insight into what God wants for you life and you
seem to offer up the truth, regardless of the circumstances.

TimmyBoy82:  one of my brothers in Christ via the internet! Never
met you before, but I know where your heart lies with God. Thank you
for your prayers and ministry to me.

zionosphere: Fellow nerd and brother in Christ. You care a lot about
people and can see that in you. Thanks for always being a great friend.

zoneynewton: “L” …. always fun IMing. Friend via Jason via Amanda.
You guys are awesome and am very thankful that we met you two. You have
a heart for kids and may God continue to use you in public education.


20 thoughts on “

  1. awww. totally been awesome getting to know you and see the glimpses of what God is doing in your life and the man of God that He is shaping in you. maybe someday we will get to meet… if not here, up there…!

  2. Hmmm…yours was longer, but mine was cooler…for 2 reasons:1: I put a link to each persons site so all the commenters could get to know each other.2: I only ode’ed frequent commenters.BUT, you gave me a MUCH MUCH MUCH better ode than I gave you…so, you win!

  3. Texas, eh? We’ll see ๐Ÿ™‚ But if you guys come this way we can swing by jslewis’ place cause he’s just a state away. Jon actually first met him in good ol’ Texas…what is it w/ Texas??

  4. I will tell you how I got my handle: Jim Morrison used the name Mr Mojo Risen, which is an anagram of his name. So I was thinking one day what if I won the lottery, I would want to pretend to have a job, so I would raise angora goats to sell their wool for mohair sweaters, because that seems like an easy job, because you only have to shave the goats like twice a year. Then I decided Mr Mohair Risen would be a good name for an angora goat farmer.

  5. Thanks! I’d been thinking about Morrowind as well, especially now that it can be gotten for a song. KOTOR was marvelous…good solid fun. What’d I’d absolutely love is something with a solid storyline that allows for 2 up play…my wife and I spent countless hours playing through both of the Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance games together.I miss that perfect fusion of gaming and quality spousal time.

  6. wooo hooo
    ok, so Im a dork, and a blind one at that…
    but hey!  God is good ๐Ÿ™‚  thanks for the comment, much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

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