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Super Hero Kite – $1.00
Hooded Old Navy Jacke – $17.00
Prescriptions for Asthma Control – $40.00
Watching my son fly his first kite – Priceless


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  1. you’re flying a kite, TODAY?? Make sure Caedmon doesn’t blow away with the kite!! It’s soooo windy! Have a great day!

  2. Good deal. Although I agree with Ash Danielle – you should probably tie him down or something just to be safe. Sheesh.

  3.      I used to have this semi-stunt kite when we were kids, and my brother and I used to play this game where he stood directly under the kite and tried to hit it with a stick whilst I did my very best to dive-bomb him.  Fun times. . .

  4. Heath: Between Caedmon and the two trees I rescued it from, I am suprised it came out in one piece. Caedmon had a bat in his hand when the kite flew too close and he thought he would take the kite out with it.

  5. grin at dave??? well hopefully you meant that you are wondering what did i lose right?? well its a long story but to make it short i just lost a friend….but hell prolly find his way back to me lol….have a great day!

  6. oh, i’m sorry to hear her dog died!  i prayed for you when i was at school yesterday.  i know i don’t even know you, but it was on my heart.  so i hope everything is going well.

  7. I lost my kite as a kid, and I cried about it:) It was so traumatic; I haven’t flown a kite since that fated day.

  8. nice, kite flying is fun stuff….as long as you don’t let go of the string.
    Livy doesn’t have any computer games yet, she just hits the keys and pretends like she knows all the letters. Everytime I leave the room she’s sitting in the computer chair when I come back. Little Goober.

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