I am on the up side of a massive tension headache. Do you ever hate
those times when you have no motivation to do anything? Or better yet,
you feel so lost in a pile of nothing?

Well, good stuff though. The other day I was walking to work and God
laid it on my heart to write a book on His grace as evident in my life.
I quickly put it on the back burner because of my lack of writing
skills. But God had other plans. Turns out He shared the same desire
with another person, whom I have never met. I am not sure if that other
person wants to share, so I will leave it up to them. But God was


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  1. I hate it when my husband is obviously online, yet he’s not signed into Yahoo!.I too lack the motivation to do anything…there’s SO much stuff that needs to be done around the house…so much stuff that even thinking about it makes me panicky…yet I can’t bring myself to do any of it…

  2. Thanks Kevin for putting me on the spot.    Hey, it’s ok.  I am the one that had the nerve to email one I hardly knew to ask him if he was willing to share more details of his life. I sensed Kevin had much to give through the very hurtful experiences that were meant to destroy by the Enemy. How God brought him through that was a story that would help others. And I also thought I could learn from him how better to help hurting believers. I am greatly humbled by GOD’S timing in my email!  Yes, GOD is awesome!
    Ok, since I’m being open (or crazy depending on your point of view), I have a word that you, Amanda. Because of your comment, thought you would appreciate this. My wife, sharkbytes, and I do not have many “things” but we are extremely thankful we each have our own commuter. Let’s just say we organize totally differently. 

  3.     Three words. . .Excedrin Tension Headache.  It has caffiene in it, but my life became simpler with the discovery of those delightful little red pills, so I hope they work for everyone else, too.

  4. For some reason the main thing that stuck out in this post was that you said “massive” and your name is massivetruth. I noticed it immediately and wasn’t able to pay attention to the rest of the post. What is wrong with me??

  5. Omar: God is awesome. Timing perfect.Heath: I really wish I had some. I get these tension headaches about three times a week.Sam: Yes, please donate.Rachel: haha. Nothing’s wrong with you. I will refrain from using “massive.”

  6. I saw your comment on righteousmoore’s site and came to check out your testimony. Thank you so much for sharing it. I had an abusive childhood too, but handled it in a much worse way. If you care, you can read mine, it is in a few segments starting with March 15. Thank you for being an inspiration in recovering.

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