Just finished up another session of Claymore, a pen and paper
roleplaying game.  I don’t know if that attests to my nerdiness,
but hey that’s me.

I am sure there is a nerd in all of us. Buried some where deep. You
bunch of closet nerds. Now is the time to shine. What do you do that’s


13 thoughts on “

  1. The only thing I can think of is “play King’s Quest” but I’m sure there has to be something else. I feel a sense of accomplishment, still, when I think about back in the day finishing the one where you had to type things like “look under bridge.”

  2. I live and breathe nerdiness — I am uber-nerd!
    and I remember when they weren’t called RPG’s or role-playing games — it was Dungeons & Dragons and that was the only one (anyone remember the cartoon?) — and they would automatically steal your soul (anyone remember seeing “Mazes & Monsters?” — obscure movie reference)

  3. I don’t play any role-playing games but that definitely doesn’t take away from my nerdiness (or my husbands). We often sit and laugh about embarassing our kids when they’re teenagers.

  4.      I used to spend hours and hours playing an online interactive RPG called Runescape.  Also, my brother and I used to collect these Star Trek cards for the original card game (kinda like Magic).  This is all aside from the many days of my life spent within cord’s length of a video game console.  Uber nerd points for me.

  5. Amanda: You rawk! Because you know what King’s Quest is and you play it.Brandon: Enough Said.Dann: See Brandon.Heath: I remember Runescape. However, I was too far into Achaea to play Runescape. You should try it. It’s addictive.

  6. Trae: I built my first computer when I was 12 from garage sale parts. So we share something in common, besides being males.Joy: There’s a fine line between nerdom and overalls. Now pen protectors, that is something to get excited about.

  7. I color coordinate my closet.I read a lot…like…a novel every three days or so.I’m addicted to old school video games…Super Mario Brothers, Sonic, Street Fighter, etc.I color coordinate anything and everything that can possibly be color coordinated.I can identify an episode of Saved By The Bell in less than one minute of viewing it from any given point in said episode…..Jessie and Slater locked in the broiler room? Saved By The Bell: Senior Prom…they had to have a honkey tonk theme due to the conflict of the theater dept. putting on a production of Oklahoma on the same night. Tori Spelling dressed like a nerdy choir girl? Saved By The Bell: Screech and Iris…Iris (Tori Spelling) and Screech begin to date, but her rich parents don’t approve. She gets stage fright when she’s asked to save the choir in their yearly competition and Screech jumps on stage to save her, earning the respect of her parents. Screech and Iris perform “Beautiful Dreamer” while the choir (the rest of the cast) hums behind them.I’ll stop there.

  8. I used to be obssessed with video games as a kid, but I also loved the library. It was a huge treat to go. I still go to bookstores for fun and enjoy class:)

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