I am kind of ansy today. They are about to migrate my computer to a
newer system. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about new systems which are
generally better and faster than ones we have. It’s just that I am
obsessive compulsive with stuff and where it is on my computer, having
everything updated, etc. Wayland’s IT dept. is not. So that usually
causes mild conflict.

I am still thinking about worship. Trying to define it. Elpy summed up a lot in her comment. I love this by Jars of Clay – Looking beyond the empty cross, forgetting what my life has cost.

Sam: Yes, we will see authentic worship this side of heaven. Christ,
God himself, said that the time will come when the true worshipers will
worship in Spirit and Truth in John 4:23.


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  1. I don’t think I had shared this with you before. This is a definition of worship from a close friend after several email discussions on worship. We were thinking primarily about corporate worship of the BODY but I see it having a broader view.
    “Worship requires a sudden comprehension of the greatness or holiness of God – a revelation of how holy or awesome or great God is and true worship is our helplessly abandoned response to that revelation. Without that revelation, we are but singers and dancers screaming to please ourselves with the sound of our own voices.” — Barak

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