I was conned by my own son today. We had just finished school work
(he’s homeschooled) and headed into his room to play the Nintendo 64.
Some ultimate bonding time with my boy. Upon arrival to his room I made
way for his bed, to sit and play. However, Caedmon decided to play
Rescue Heroes (action figures). Within 10 mins, I feel asleep.

Some time during my sedated stupor, my son conned me out of my keys. I
awoke to a wooden puzzle of the United States laying next to my head.
Appearantly, I agreed that he would take the library keys from me in
trade for the geography puzzle. After diplomatically (is that a word)
getting my keys back, he had this response.

“You know why I am special daddy?”

“Why?” I asked still waking up.

“Because I am a natural born leader.”


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