Fantastic Fridays!

Super Mario Soundtrack
Jason Cox has made his own private remix of the Original Super Mario Brothers soundtrack. And if my eyes do not decieve me, its FREE. To those who grew up on the original NES, pop this CD in and let the 8 bit memories come back into view.

Flameless LED Candles
Definitely candles we need. You waive your hand over the top of the candle and several LED lights come on and gently melt the wax. It’s a motion-sensored candle, how hi-tech do you want it?

Metrosexual MP3 Player
Allow me to take a brief moment to educate those who are not familiar with metrosexuals. Metros are men who have a high sense of fashion, etc. yet are straight. There is a very funny story behind this post, as the dean of our school approached me one day and said that there was name for the shirts I always wore: metrosexual. Appearantly, there actually is a market to metrosexuals. So cheer up Dann,  you are not alone!

Anthropomorphic Design & Trash Cans
Interesting article on design and how it relates to trash cans. I know, how exciting can that be? I personally like the knife holder and the paper clip holder.

Exotic Pets
For those who know the Leggetts, over the past year you have also come to love our little spiny mice. They are actually classified exotic animals. How stinking cool is that?!  So I decided to go a trip around the internet to find other exotic animals I want (with Amanda’s approval of course):

  • Degu: pronounced Day-Goo. Very social. Pocket sized animal.

  • Fennec Fox: Its like having a fox for a dog.

  • Chinchilla: Caedmon learned about these on Go Diego Go!

  • Hedgehog: I want an actual Sonic the Hedgehog



8 thoughts on “

  1. That’s good–had to make sure that people could read the important parts! lol
    A sonic the hedgehog would make for an interesting pet, I’m sure!!

  2. These are fun, too bad that’s not the Jason Cox that used to go here.  That would be really fun.
    So basically, you just like rodents.  Besides, you already have a Sonic. 
    I’ve always wanted to pay $10,000 for a trash can to tell me that I have too much trash.

  3. Ok…- The Degu might as well be a Spiny Mouse.- The Fennec Fox is fugly and it would eat our Spiny mice.- The Chinchilla looks like a heavily mutated rabbit.- Hedgehogs are the cutest things on earth. But then there’s the whole covered-in-hundreds-of-needles issue.

  4. I would recommend the chinchilla. They’re really soft, easy to clean, and easy to care for. Although, I used to have a hedgehog once upon a time. I’ll tell you about it later though.

  5. That is the coolest looking MP3 player!  The diaper genie is one of the best inventions ever!  I love the fennec fox (Jeff Corwin has a couple 🙂 ).  Problem with hedgehogs and I believe chinchillas are they are nocturnal.
    We are doing great.  Benjamin is 9 months old now, and all over the place.  It is so fun to see him learn.  E-mail sometime to let us know what is going on with you guys these days.

  6. Kevin, do not try and pull me down to your metrosexual ways!
    As for the animals, the fox’s ears are so big it is scary, and “Degu” must be French for miniature hamster.

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