Terra Cotta Thursday
For all the devoted fans of Fantastic Fridays, I give to you Terra Cotta Thursday. Named after the late Dann Wigner and designed to give all the great stuff from Fantastic Friday a day ahead, since I will not be here tomorrow. Here’s this week’s lineup:

  • Game Map Project – What’s a geek to do with a 6000 x 3000 monitor display? Why, project old school game maps of course! I would love to have my Zelda map thrown up on the wall while I search for the missing tri-pieces.

  • Yahooligans TV – Speaking of Zelda, ever wished you could watch those reruns from childhood? Now you can! Old school cartoons like Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Brothers Show can be watched in full length over at Yahooligans.

  • Java Logs – Amanda and I love the smell of coffee! Combine that aroma with real logs and well you get the picture.

  • Wooden PCs – Appearantly the Japanese are shipping out computers with a wooden structure. I thought they were cool. But then again, I am just weird.

  • Expandable Fan – Just when you thought ceiling fans couldn’t get any cooler …

  • Herbaterium – Believe it or not, I have a green thumb. No, seriously Caedmon and I were painting pumpkins the other night. Well, if we had one of these, gardening would be much simpler. It recognizes the herbs and creates the right temperature and moisture for perfect growth.

  • Uncanny Lightbulbs  – LEDs are changing the face of just about everything in the technology world. Including these lightbulbs, which the Leggetts will own when they hit the market.

  • Cell Phones as Still Life? – Don’t throw away that used cell phone. Take it to the cell phone museum and watch them be transformed into works of art.

  • Action Figure Machine – This is one of the coolest ideas. Using a 3D scanner, lasers can carve an action figure replica of the subject. The technology is not available to the public yet, but think of the possibilities!

  • Tile Toys – Just fun.

  • Super Mario Speakers – If you have seen my lastest desktop at work, you know I love Super Mario Brothers. Remember the POW blocks? Now you can have them as speakers.

  • All-in-One PC – The iMac G5 now has some competition in the PC market.

And that my fine friends is this weaks Fantastic Friday, a day in advance. Remember my interview tomorrow at 1:30 PM, New Mexico time. (Mountain).



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  1. u think that chicken flu reached the U.S.? the TEXAS?!!! nah.. i don’t think so. thnks for praying .. i will be praying for your little one also. God bless!! scottie says hi. he misses u.. hehehee.

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