Essential Movies of Dann

In a recent post, Dann started another bandwagon. The following list are absolutely essential to watch in order to be an American (i.e. the best movies of all time): Add one at the bottom — no tagging, this one is purely voluntary! They are in no particular order.

Italicize the ones you’ve seen
Bold the ones you haven’t

1. Ben Hur

18. Miracle on 34th St.

35. Silence of the Lambs

2. Braveheart

19. Die Hard

36. Clash of the Titans

3. LOTR (all 3)

20. Groundhog Day

37. Schindler’s List

4. Rocky

21. Highlander

38. The Shawshank Redemption

5. Superman

22. The Karate Kid

39. Terminator

6. Indiana Jones (all 3)

23. Rambo/First Blood

40. The Untouchables

7. Star Wars
(the original)

24. The Greatest Story Ever Told

41. 2001: A Space Odyssey

8. Star Trek
(any one will do, since they are all the same)

25. The Ten Commandments

42. E.T.

9. Tombstone

26. Planet of the Apes (original)

43. The Parent Trap

10. Back to the Future (all 3)

27. Mary Poppins

44. Spartacus

11. Ghostbusters

28. A Beautiful Mind

45. Sound of Music

12. Batman

29. Mystery Men

46. Fantasia

13. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

30. O Brother, Where Art Thou

47. The Three Amigos

14. The Breakfast Club

31. Willow

48. the Goonies

15. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

32. The Princess Bride

49. Gone with the Wind

16. A Christmas Story

33. Rain Man

50. Monty Python and the  Holy Grail

17. It’s a Wonderful Life

34. the Wizard of Oz

51. The Absent-Minded Professor (Fred MacMurray)
    52. Tron


3 thoughts on “

  1. I was gonna say you’ve seen a lot of movies…. then I realized that although I haven’t seen all the ones you have, I have seen some of the ones you haven’t… so we’re pretty even.  I’m crazy sore too from all the running, but I think I’m going for it again in half an hour… it’s supposed to drop like 20 degrees overnight…. goodbye warm weather…. 😦  It’s been in the 60’s up here which is awesome for this time of year… back down into the 40’s tomorrow.

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