Fantastic Fridays

This week is some what sad. I don’t have much to give you. However, I am sure most of you are too worried  about finals to care.

  • Alarm Clock for Me – You know my alarm clock is too close to me and the snooze button gets used a lot. How stinking cool would it be if your alarm clock flew around the room?

  • Busted Tees – Warning: some of these shirts are offensive. I thought the game cartridge was hilarious.

  • Toilet Paper Blogs? – Ever wondered where I get fantastic fridays? I read tons of blogs and magazines. Bringing a whole new meaning to the word convient, this device will print your RSS feeds on toilet paper.

  • Maloo Laptop Cases – Ok, why I am posting about a lap top cover when I don’t own a laptop? Because these are stinking cool.


3 thoughts on “

  1. I’m glad to hear from you, life is hectic. You were right, finals are coming and are hitting hard. They haven’t killed me yet and i’m pretty tricky. Yeah…finals… thanks for the note

  2. The Toilet Paper Blogs even had this “all to serious one” laughing like crazy. Of course, I seriously need one of those.     lol             om

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