In light of my previous post, which was some what grotesque, I thought I would share these few elated moments to hopefully redeem some sense of dignity.

Number 1.
Showed up to my Accounting final an hour late. Took the final in 15 minutes. Dr. Valentine graded it on the spot. Walked out with a 100 on the top of my test.

Number 2
Feeling an immediate relief of anxiety, walked over to campus bookstore to sell back the accounting book that was no longer needed. Recieved $52.

Number 3
Proceeded to go to work. Realizing it was pay day, panicked because I had time sheets to do. For the first time all semester, every single timesheet was already done.

Number 4
Checked my wife’s blog. She posted the sonogram picture. The next Leggett looks like it is going to be a girl!


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