Fantastic Fridays

Since I am not going to be doing a Fantastic Friday next week, I thought I would give you double the fun and madness. I hope you have a Merry Christmas! For those on campus, see you next year.

Halo Zero
For the gamers in my subs, here’s a free side scroller of the Master Cheif laying some smack down.

Warning: Big Download. With the laws against guns, there seems to be an outbreak of gangs fighting with knives. This video has some real potential in addressing the problem through a medium that speaks this generation’s lingo: video games.

Sim City
Play the original that started it all for FREE andONLINE.

Gum Spots
I thought this was a bit bizarre, but crazy enough for a Fantastic Friday. In some of the larger cities, people litter the sidewalks with unwanted, chewed gum. What better way to track your location than through the pattern of the gum drops!

Walmart Santa Clause Hack
Caedmon is obsessed with turning on the Santa Clauses at Walmart. Needless to say he is not the only fan, as one of the nerdier customers hacked the Santa Clause to sing drunken antics instead of kindly greeting the customers with holiday cheer.

NES Christmas Album
The 8-bit Mario theme song is perhaps the most recognizable game song in the world. There is somethign about those tiny 8-bit sounds that make a 26 year old revert back to his childhood. How about a FREE Christmas album done in 8-bit music? To all my fellow nerds, Merry Christmas!

History of Monopoly
I am a monopoly fanatic. I collect them enthusiastically. And the history of this prestigious game is definitely worthing blogging about.

Calculator Watches
Remember those late 80’s, early 90’s calculator watches? Well, their back and incredibly expensive. I want the white one.

Tattoos For Nerds
It’s a little known fact, but I have a tattoo. And if I had it my way, my eyebrow would still be pierced. I found this gallery of tattoos for nerds and gamers. My favorite has to be the WASD on the fingertips.

Xbox Office
There are a few places I wish I had the skills to work at. One of them is the Microsoft Xbox office. Thanks to the guys over at engadget, at least we can get a virtual tour of the place.

Windows Live Local
Think of it as alternative to google maps. I pinpointed my house on this thing. Which is scary. And they are hoping to include photographs soon.

Ever wanted to save something as a PDF and didn’t have the bucks to shell out for the expensive Acrobat (not just the reader).



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  1. well, i loved the santa and the tats.  the gum thing was interesting… when i was in washington, dc there was a tree covered in gum and pennies.  i thought it looked pretty neat.

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