Fantastic Fridays
Its that time again boys and girls. And this week, I have also created my very own myspace account. I am not no leaving Xanga per se, but will be posting in both spots. At any rate, here’s this weeks lineup:

Miracle Fruit
Not that you can read the website, but I thought I would still post about it. A Korean company, according to a few of the blogs I have came across, has developped a tablet from a fruit that turns bitter tasting products into sweet ones.

America’s Next Top Sim
I really posted this for my wife. A spin off of Tyra Bank’s successful modeling show, “America’s Next Top Model,”  Leora Zellman has developed an alternative version featuring Maxim’s beloved characters from the Sims.

Wooster Collective
If I am going to be completely honest, I suck at art. I don’t have any artistic skills in my body. I can mimic great art, but I can’t create it on my own. Ironically though, I am a sucker of artistic pieces. My screensaver is nothing but artistic photography and artwork. So when I came across this collection of street art, I had to post it.

Transformers Movie
Everyone remembers the transformers right? I was definitely a fan in my younger years. I even remember when Optimus Prime died. Well, rumor has it Spielburg is going to produce a live action movie. You know what I want to see come to the silver screen: Legend of Zelda.

Retro Nintendo Catalog Online
The child in me lives again! I totally went through each page pouring over all the stuff I thought would have been cool to own as a kid. Who am I kidding, I would still like some of this stuff!

Take your power nap in style. Actually, a really cool concept. The Napshells come with customizable modules such as sound proof doors, LED lighting, and other features as well. Also check out the download page for other models of the Napshell.


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