Grateful Son

I often find myself intrigued by my 4 year old. He has a knack (sp?) for saying the simplest of things, that in turn have most profound meaning. On top of that, he’s completely oblivious to the wonder of what he is saying. Last night at about 3:45 AM he crawled into bed with me. (Amanda is sleeping downstairs in the recliner. It is more comfortable for her during the pregnancy). So, Caedmon struck up a conversation:

Caedmon: Daddy….

Me: Yes, son?

Caedmon: Do you want to talk?

Me: Not really sweet pea. I am tired. We need to get some sleep before we have to get up and go to school and work.

Caedmon: Ok. (a pause ensues for about 15 seconds)…. Daddy…

Me: Yes, son?

Caedmon: Thank you for marrying my mommy. I really like her.

So, of course I had to tell Amanda this morning. She was in the bathroom getting ready, when Caedmon and I came out of the bedroom. I started to tell the story and Caedmon’s reply was:

Caedmon:  I also really like the game you bought me at Gamestop.


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