Stomach Virus/Bug/Torture Device

The last 48 hours have not been fun. It started the night before last. I was up all night dry heaving. So I called in work yesterday morning. I am glad I did, because by 10 AM, I had covered the bathroom floor in a new coat of puke. Yeah, nice. At the exact same time, both my cell phone and house phone are ringing off the hook. Amanda’s at work and the school has called to inform us that Caedmon has used the bathroom on himself.

I stayed sick all afternoon. Eventually the nausea went away. So I decided to try a bowl of soup. Needless to say, that did not go over well. I went to bed at 9:30 PM last night. Completely unheard of, if you know me. Got up at 7:30 AM and thought I would try some breakfast. Got through half a bagel before I had to stop. Now I am at work with a mild nausea. Hopefully, I will get through this before the end of the day.


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  1. Kevin, what’s up!!!! How are things going … besides being sick that is? BTW – thanks for the details. I’m sure I’ll have really interesting dreams tonight. We’ll be praying you will get better.

  2. praying for u and the family.
    nasty stomach bug hittin’ the nation.
    nasty strep throat hittin’ south texas.
    i’m just getting over that….
    p[raying for u, bro

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