Fantastic Fridays

First, thanks for all the prayers (see previous post). I am almost back to normal. However, I have noticed  that I am almost scared of food now. Every time I think of food, I psych myself into thinking I am going to throw it all up again. And I have grown an uncanny taste for Sprite.

Me Church
I am not sure who posted this first, but thanks. Feel free to comment. An unfortunate attitude all to common throughout the Body of Christ.

Abacus Watch
The name is misleading. But still a pretty cool watch.

Answer Me Jesus
Another fantastic entry from a fellow blogger: Jessika. Entertaining, but sad. Some people actually come to Christ like that.

Selk Bag
Innovative. They turned a sleeping bag into something you can wear.

Seemed like a cool toy for Caedmon. If I were to describe it in two words, they would have to be: Dinosaur Furby.  Where were these kinds of toys when I was a kid?

Radical Toaster
Not only does it let you toast 6 pieces of bread at the same time, you can also detach the warmer to take to your plate. No more cold toast!

Star Trek Apartment
Proof that being a geek can have adverse affects on your economic and social life. After his wife left him, the guy converted his entire apartment into a star trek space shuttle and went bankrupt.

FiberOptic Tiles
Express yourself to incoming guests with these fiber optic floor tiles. They allow you to come up with a custom message, logo, or design and display it through your floor tiles.



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  1. Thanks that make me feel better, but I think after half a day at the library again I would go complete crazy, I really do. So what movie did Amanda and you see on Friday? Was it any good?

  2. Hope you don’t mind but I’ve been stealing some of your awesome links and using them on my blog.  Thanks for the laughs – I hope to make some other people have a chuckle or two.  God bless.

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