Prophet Confirmation

I had an awesome experience with Christ last night. Over the past week or so, I have been dwelling on the call of Jeremiah and how much my life relates to his. I have always believed that God called me from the book of Jeremiah and that I have been given the gift of prophecy.

Last night, I cracked open my Bible to Jeremiah, chapter 1. And it was there I met Christ face to face. I crawled onto my knees, kneeling beside my bed and began to pray. You see, it is easy for me to tell you that I have been given the gift of prophecy. But to speak to the one who gave me the gift is a whole different ballpark. This was Christ! The author and finisher of my faith. I left the conversation confused and wasn’t sure I was a prophet any more. I went to sleep shortly there after.

I was awakened by  a vision in my sleep. I was standing in a crowd of people listening to a Hinduist priest. They were celebrating Hinduism and it made every fibre of truth scream at the top of my lungs. Everyone was accepting of the Hinduism because that was the politcally correct thing to do. But I knew the truth, and made my way to the podium as the speaker claimed that Christ was a Hinduist. It was there I was confronted by sheer evil as the crowd grew angry. My spirit sensed the demonic influence among the people. With righteous anger, I grabbed the mic:

“Christ was not a Hinduist! Snap out of it. With Christ, it is all or nothing,” I shouted as loud as could, reprimanding them for the religious pluralism and tolerance for lies. I felt in that moment like Moses before the golden calf.

“And this doesn’t even make sense. Christ claimed he was God alone. Hinduism claims there are many gods.” In that instant, my eyes connected with a student in the crowd. He knew I was telling the truth and the light seemed to come on inside him. I smiled inwardly and continued to speak the truth with great fervor.

I woke up and the Holy Spirit spoke words of encouragment over me. I have been given the gift of prophecy and Christ sent me this dream as assurance.


5 thoughts on “Prophet Confirmation

    Know this, b/c it can be very lonely being a prophet, your identity must be strongly IN HIM alone.           om

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