Parallel Fatherhood

Sunday, After work,  I picked up a copy Super Mario Sunshine for Caedmon. He’s been asking to rent a video game and I knew this one would be a hit. As soon as I opened the door, he came running down the hall yelling “Daddy’s home!” in his normal four year old canter. Then, his eyes focused on the video game in my hand.

In an instant, his whole demeanor cycled from excitement to disappointment. He was excited to finally have a new video game. But this was not the video game Caedmon had in mind. He proceeded to tell me that he didn’t like it and to take it back. I told him it was alright and that I would play it by myself, knowing that after Caedmon saw me play it, he would want to join in on the fun. Sure enough, in no time he had the controller in his own hands.

Caedmon asked me how I knew he would like Super Mario Sunshine. I replied, “Because. You are my son. I know you.”

How often does God visit us with great gifts that He knows we will enjoy. But it doesn’t meet our expectations, so we drop them without a second’s thought?


6 thoughts on “Parallel Fatherhood

  1. That’s one of those ideas that just hits you sideways. I’ve been disappointed before with God when his perfect answers or gift isn’t my idea of what is best. Usually, I go try to find or create my “perfection.” Obviously, this doesn’t work but I’m a slow learner with a very patient father.

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