Seasons fo Blessing and Anger

The Blessing:
Previously I posted about an interview with SourceOne in Carlsbad. They had a job fair and I drove down there to get my app in. SourceOne will be primarily responsible for converting government documents into electronic versions, so they can be searched full-text. Something right up my alley! Well, I recieved word yesterday that they had over 600 applications from the job fair between the three companies present. Out of those 600 applications, only 10 people were interviewed! I was one of them! I should hear back from in late September or early October.

The Anger:
As some of the readership knows, my family changed congregations a while back. We were going to College Heights, but felt it wasn’t right for us. So we moved to Harvest Christian Fellowship and absolutely love it!

Unfortunately, Harvest does not have anything for kids Caedmon’s age on Wednesday nights. And starting next week, we are going to a life group. So yesterday, Caedmon asked if he could go to College Heights on Wednesdays. I didn’t have a problem with it. Or so I thought. I dropped him off and ran into the minister of education. He wondered why he hadn’t seen us in a month and I told him we felt we should move to Harvest. I wish I had a camera. His whole demeanor changed. And he isn’t the only one. We have gotten cold shoulders from several people who normally would run up to us, give a hug, and start some small chat.

I was furious. This is not the New Testament church. We don’t compete for members, because in God’s book there are no statistics. He isn’t interested in how many registered members you have or the amount of Baptisms you give out. Nor is He interested in showing up twice a year for a revival service. As a Christian in the same body, it doesn’t matter where I go on Wednesday night or Sunday morning. Their whole concern should be whether or not I am working for the kingdom and am being discipled or discipling others. Grr!


6 thoughts on “Seasons fo Blessing and Anger

  1. Good to hear of your hopes for possible future job… been praying that the door opens to you. As to the other, I would expect you to be angry when believers are either ignorant or worse, disobedient, to the Biblical principle of the BODY OF CHRIST. When will all Christians believe, understand, and live out the Truth that we are all ONE?           om

  2. I’m pretty oblivious to the most recent shunning. I’ve sadly become accustomed to the constant rejection of fellow christians who think that I’m too far outside the realm of “normal” to associate with.

  3. All the best concerning the job potential. I sure know from my Dad what job troubles, hunting and wondering is about!
    The latter makes me sad. You’re right, though I can imagine how somebody moving churches can feel like an insult or rejection, there should be no competition to glorifying God and building up His body. 😦

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