Fantastic Fridays

Fantastic Thought:  In 1964, Kitty Genovese was brutally stabbed to death outside her New York Apartment.   After a 90 minute struggle, the attacker noticed nearby witnesses and left the scene only to return later to finish the job.  Over the course of the attack, some 38 witnesses heard and saw the attack and not a single one intervened.  Psychologists at the time named the phenomenon “the Genovese effect” and is now known as the “bystander effect.” This social phenomenon ironically states the more people present the less likely someone is to be involved.  Christ calls us to the exact opposite life within the Body. We all too often get caught up in PC that we forget whose kingdom we belong to and fail to intervene. I challange you with this fantastic thought: don’t be a bystander in the kingdom.

On with the show:

I actually saw this concept at my mother-in-law’s work place.  She works for company that works in the oil fields, where they need to put huge posters up on the wall.  It is magnetic wall paper that allows you to decorate how you see fit.

Cable ID
Very cool nerd tool. Ever wandered to the back of your entertainment center to discover a mess of cords and you don’t know what goes where? These cool little wrap arounds help you keep your cords organized.

RedRoom DVD
One of the coolest retailers to hit the market. RedRoom DVD offers interactive stations for you to watch trailers, read reviews, and then you return the DVD when you are done.

Blu-Ray Disc
One of the fastest developments in media storage is the BluRay disc.  And here is the latest from Sony, a 50 GB (read: not MB) disc. That is larger than my hard drive!

 Celebrity Weighing Scales
Step on and see which celebrity you weigh the same as. Ranging from Mr. Ed to Gizmo.

Send them your digital video clips and they will transform them into mini-sized flip books. You know the ones you drew on the edge of your notebook in grade school. Or at least I did.

First-person Shooter Glasses
For all you gaming FPS nerds out there, here is a set of glasses that will leave you in the game 24/7.  A german artist developed these cut-outs so you can feel like you are FP mode all the time.

Evil Geniuses
Even they need their place in the google directory.

Fish ‘n Flush
The toilet-tank aquarium, what a brilliant idea! Fish ‘n Flush will turn your toilet into an “aquatic wonderland.” And in my opinion, would also aide in potty training.

Walk on Water Ball
Almost as good as the table flipping action Jesus, but not quite. This fun-filled 6 foot inflatable allows you to tread on top of the water.


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