Fun Times with the Leggetts

Monday was awful. I went to work at 8:30 AM at the first job. Had lunch with the family and Chris. Then went back to work until 6 PM. Showed up at my second job at 6:15 PM and worked until almost midnight. The video department manager decided to put all the new videos that night, which irked me. I had purposely finished my closing duties by 10:15 PM so I could go home early. Furthermore, I was given a talking to about slow my closing duties are. That person did not close her department until almost 10:45 PM.  So, yeah. I was irked. It was almost an 18 hour day for me.

So yesterday, I planned on making up the lost time with Caedmon, I took him on an “adventure.” We walked across town to the library. Well, I walked and he rode his scooter. About 2 blocks from the library, Caedmon’s nose starts pouring blood. You can imagine the looks on people faces as we passed by, thinking Caedmon had busted his nose and we were casually strolling to the library.

On top of this, Presley bit Amanda on Sunday night while nursing. That bite has become infected making it extremely difficult and painful to nurse Presley. She has been feeling well at all the past couple of days. We are at our wits end. We know that a mother’s milk is the absolute best for the baby and this is how God designed it, but how do you cope with biting and infection. Plus, we don’t vaccinate our kids. The only anti-bodies Presley receives is from nursing.

I am excited about life group though. That is what our congregation calls our small group Bible study. There is something about being in fellowship with others that makes the worries and problems of the day fade into the background while you concentrate on building relationships and being discipled.

At any rate, your prayers are appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Fun Times with the Leggetts

  1. I understand the frusteration w/ the nursing thing…well, I’ve never been bit but we had issues w/ Corbin just not tolerating my milk for some reason. I’ve never even heard of a baby not tolerating momma’s milk but he was miserable and in turn, Jon and I were miserable soooo we dealt w/ it for 3 months and then switched him to soy and he was a much happier babye because of it. Nursing is wonderful when it’s going good but when it’s not, it’s one of the most frusterating things in the world. I’ll definitely be praying for a quick healing in Amanda and endurance in the meantime 🙂

  2. So, kevin, since you’re apparently really good at riddles, you’ve got to try this one. It MIGHT relieve some stress in your life, just from the fun of doing something different, or it might create some because it is HIGHLY addictive, but I think Amanda will like it to: It’s definitely designed for the problem-solver/computer geek! Matt and I have had fun wtih it, but we’re not all the way through, so when you get to #25, help us out, will ya!?

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