Fantastic Fridays

Fantastic  Thought:  I wanted to share this thought with you from James:

Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away

Did you catch it?  If not, read it again. God was whispering “I love you.” See your life is so seemingly small, that James compares it to a vapor. Yet, God is so passionately in love with you, He considers it worth the investment. Christ died for a vapor of life!  So consider this short time you are here on earth, how precious you are in His eyes, and live accordingly.

Fantastic Linkage:

Earth Album
Flickr Fans and the everyday photo enthusiasts will love this concept. The Earth Album displays an interactive map of the world, where upon the user can click on any country to see Flickr photos from that country.

Who Is Jesus
I put this on here because of the incredible talent and creativity of the site designers. The overall gui keeps the users’ interest at a peak as they explore the site, finding hidden details to click on and engaging media taking us to the heart of Christ.

Body Wall
Think Spider-Man training device without the costume. After putting on the velcro attachments, you can stretch your body in various forms, allowing you maximize your work out routine.

A completely legal way of being illegal. I had to put this on here. The PhotoBlocker is a spray that you put on your license plate, so that traffic cameras can not read your license plate.

Inflatable Church
Nuff Said.

3-Way Air Hockey
Challanging the traditional style of air hockey, this innovative table allows three players at one time.

Another creative furniture idea. While they may look like rocks or stones, this collection offers a very cozy alternative to the couch.

Cutting Board Scale
Now you can weigh the ingredients right on the cutting board. Very cool design.

Mario Bros. Wedding Cake
If only I could go back 6 years ago, I would change my bachelor cake to this fantastic masterpiece.


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