Deep Breath

It is hard to follow up that last post.  However, I was talking to a friend last night about this feeling of anxiety that has come over me.  Like I was meant to be somewhere doing something.  He said  he knew that feeling all to well and likend  it to a deep breath right before the plunge.

All to often, we jump without a moment’s hesitation to take in some oxygen. The end result is that we plunge into the watery depths only to find our way back to the surface for air, then we question whether God really told us to jump in the first place. I don’t want to be that person, but I want to jump so badly.


4 thoughts on “Deep Breath

  1. Hi there! Wow, I was really expecting people to already know Desiderata. I’m glad I decided to share it. =) And thank you for sharing your own thoughts here and I simply love the photo! =)

  2. are you saying we should pause before the leap to check in with God and then jump or should we pursue the jump He has placed before us in faith, I can see both; the second is definitely harder but I think it’s necessary sometimes. of course it all needs to be God initianted and God-led, hmm

  3. Soursnowflake – Ouch. that’s a tough one.KellyEdg – I am going to have to think about that one for a while. I think its leaning towards the latter. That it is a faith issue.

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