Fantastic Fridays

Your weekly dose of my fantastic finds.

NBC Heroes
Ok. Ok. This is a little too commercial for Fantastic Fridays. However, I don’t usually watch television. So when I find a show I really like, it is rare. And what’s not to like about superheroes?

Virus infested chip
Warning: Geek entry. I thought this was absolutely fascinating. Normally viruses are a bad thing for computers. But some scientist have gotten together and come up with a really trendy pun, by coating a chip with a tobacco virus. The nano-sized little guys then produce energy that speeds the process time on the chip.

Weird Mp3 Player
Bored yet. After reading that last entry you are bound to be if you are not a geek. Well, this will hopefully redeem myself. Just turn on your speakers and drop the random things into the huge phonograph.

Your Own Google
Fun little thing that transforms the google logo into your name so you can have your own search engine.

For all the gamers out there, this was a sweet find. With a little bit of java and a lot of love, you can play all the fantastic games from our childhood online using the virtual Nes.

Human Camera
Stephen Wiltshire is an autistic who has an amazing ability to remember everything he sees and can draw it to scale. This video is from his 45 minute flight over London, where is able to reproduce the same image by drawing it three days time. Thanks to Chris Brown for this entry.

All This for a King
I love uninhibited worship. Watch as the guys over at Emerging Minister throw together a worship video to David Crowder’s “All This for a King”. I absolutely love the ending.

Lego Ice Cubes
Hey have fun with your beverages. Make your own ice cube lego blocks.

Tubless Car Tires
Another fantastic idea. A new tire is under development that will allow our vehicles to go without the discomfort of fixing a flat.

Library Thing Made Me Famous
A while back I made a fantastic find with this MySpace style site for your personal book collection. Lo and behold, they have quoted me on their site. I am honored. Hint: Search for massivetruth on the page to find the quote and link to my blog.

Modern Bathroom Suite
Man, my bathroom is important to me. Real important. Its where I start my day off in meditation and usually where I go to meet God. I wouldn’t mind teching it up a bit with this awesome multimedia system from Keuco.

Tetris Magnet Set
Tired of that old boring fridge sitting in your kitchen. Spruce it up with this fantastic magnet set and continue to pass from generation to generation one of the greatest arcade hits of all time.

Fish Loft
So what do you do when the fish in your outdoor pond get bore? Install a fish loft! That way, they can swim up a few stories if they get tired of being below sea level.

Wordplay Pillows
They guys over at Stephen Reed Industrial design have come up with a snazzy set of pillows to decorate your lounge with. They are Scrabble style pillows so your guest can spell out what they want.

Armor of God … as PJs?

Inspired by Ephesians 6, these fantastic pajamas let your kids imagination run wild while they defend the kingdom in their sleep. Too bad they don’t come in adult sizes. I especially love the clouds of smoke coming up behind the main logo. Nice.


4 thoughts on “Fantastic Fridays

  1. Congrats on the quote at Librarything — now, you should thank the people who showed it to youI would love some Scrabble pillows — did you notice that the benches were reminiscent of the tile holders in the game?….and vNES may just replace TyperShark : )

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