Fantastic Fridays

Your weekly linkage to my favorite finds.

iGlow gel
  Just in time for Halloween Fall Festival, Voltage has come out with a self-illuminating gel that last for about 6 hours without the use of UV or blacklights. Very cool. Reminds me of the Atlantic Blue hair days before I became a “professional”.

Creative Advertisement
  The irony of all this artsy posts, is that I am not very artsy. However, I am a sucker for creative advertisements. Check out this list over at Hemmy.

Trip Clip
  I put this entry on here for my wife actually. She is always complaining about the bottom of my pants getting torn up because they drag. So now there is a trendy way of resolving my dragging pants leg.

Dove Evolution
  Dove has put out a phenomenal beauty compaign that focuses on real beauty. I came across this ad at Anne’s blog and had to post it.

Buster Vaccume for Kids
  Creative way to involve kids in the house chores. Let them ride the vaccume cleaner.

Periodic Table Shower Curtain
  For all the geeks out there, myself included. Total bachelor pad material.

Naps are Important
  Another entry for my lovely wife, who insists that my nap schedule is due to an addiction for sleep. So put your mind to ease and enjoy a nap this afternoon.

Backstreet Boys, Teacher-style
  I know what you are thinking. Backstreet Boys, this can not be fantastic. However, this was actually kind of inspirational. Karen Judith, one of the coolest people I don’t know and fellow blogger, posted this link of some of her co-workers. They work with inner-city kids in a rough neighborhood. So the fact the teachers are trying to connect is fantastic!

Blogging is for Sinners
  I stumbled across this article at someone else’s blog. (Forgive me, I didn’t write the name down. Sorry). At any rate, it was a good laugh. At the same time, it was kind of sad, because of the immense legalism that is prevelant in this mindset.

Dann on a Bad Hair Day
For those who don’t know, Dann works at the Wayland library in the interlibrary loan division, which consists of a desk. One day, Dann got bored at work and decided to do something with his hair…

The Other Half of the Battle
Another Dann entry. We were talking about G.I. Joe and how knowing is half the battle. Then we questioned what the other half was. I found the answer.


16 thoughts on “Fantastic Fridays

  1. Concerning the trip clips — sorry, Kev, those have been around for years (primarily for people who ride bikes)… did you get those pictures of my mohawk? That was before I lost my hair……the other half of the battle — perfect. That goes with the new motto of G.I. Joe — “protecting American oil interests overseas” (replaced “Real American Hero”)

  2. The inside of my tornado was very bright. It had no sound and I shut my eyes tight. I knew where I was but nothing mattered and I felt the calm of being unable (and not needing) to control what was happening. It was slightly cold and dry but the air was smooth over my skin and no dirt flew in my mouth.

  3. Beauty_34 – Yes, still at the library. I am also a shift manager at Hastings. The kids are growing up fast. We have already started homeschooling and have been very involved with the local home school community. Presley’s cutting teeth. So that isn’t much fun.

  4. Soursnowflake – I always love your artistic input. The tornado is almost like God. A Holy Wild you can’t control, but there is a calming ambience all around Him. A love so deep that at any moment it could take your breath away, but is still worth the pursuit.

  5. heyyy…next time, for Fantastic Fridays, you might want to check this site out. it’s got loads of neat stuff!www.grand-illusions.comI like the Dragon illusion myself; you should watch the video.

  6. You’re welcome, of course. Hearing someone speaking the truth (like you) is great. And someone who knows the NOOMA videos. That’s great too.BB

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