Altar Call

So you didn’t get your weekly linkage. There’s a good reason for it. At
about 3 A.M. Friday morning we rushed Presley to the emergency room.
She had stopped breathing. Presley, it appears, has inherited an
ashmatic gene from her mommy.  Unfortunately, Amanda, Caedmon, and now
Presley all have asthma. Back when Caedmon was in the baby/toddler
years, he spent a total of 7 weeks in the hpspital due to respitory
problems, pnumonia, and the like. Thankfuly, Presley was sent home.
However, she has been on medication and steroids that have made her
very grumpy or very zoned.

Needless to say the Leggetts are exhausted. I got about 2 hours of
sleep Fryday and about 1.5 hours on Saturday. I hit the sack very hard
last night. My wife was trooper and gave me a good 4
hour stretch. I was only able to give her two hours. Presley just isn’t

In other news, Caedmon has his own
. I am sure he would appreciate a few comments from the


6 thoughts on “Altar Call

  1. prednisone makes you have insomnia…poor baby….I was just on it for a month and a half due to the fact that I have Acute asthma…i know you said Amada has it and so does Cademon…but I have been in and out of the hosptial with it in the past..lemme know if you have any questions…
    I’ll be praying!
    Oh, and I know your wife talks about organics and stuff….heres a great hint….Licorice root…buy it in liquid form and put some on her chest and back at night and in the morning…it really does help……

  2. Oh, gosh. I figured your exhaustion from the other day had something to do with your kids, but I didn’t realize how serious it is! I pray God’s loving, providing hand on all of you.

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