Leadership Limitation

Amanda and I had a
long talk yesterday about my leadership in our family. It was rough but
well recieved. The fact of the matter is, I dont’ know how to lead a
family. Sure, I am great at the whole being a dad thing. I play with my
kids. Love on them. Do things dad is supposed to do. But when it comes
to being a hubby, I am not that good at it.

Don’t get me wrong,
I love my wife tremendously. I just don’t know how to lead her. Part of
this stems from my seemingly inability to make decisions. I could stand
20 minutes in a store trying to pick out what candy I want. I hate it
and I don’t know how to change it.

At the same time, I am
usually a leader type in small groups. Almost every project I have been
involved in my collegiate years, I assumed the role of leader. Why is
that I struggle with this at home? I think another part of the problem
is that I never had a father figure. I was raised by druggies and
alcoholics. There was no leadership in my family and it was always

Something to think about.


6 thoughts on “Leadership Limitation

  1. Trust you’re ready for some bold questions: Is there also the fear of making the wrong decision would lead to more hurt?   Does the lack of example in the home bind you to not leading in the home?   How is all this related to trusting God?   Write, call or both…   GOD will set you free to be the husband HE desires you to be.           om

  2. Om – Yes, the fear of making a wrong decision makes me cautious of more hurt. No, the lack of an example does not bind me. If that were true, then Christ could not be my freedom. This is all related to trusting God because He is the ultimate example of what a Father is. Thanks Om.

  3. Bro i just encourage you that He is faithful to finish the work He has started in you.  Our Father already knows the outcome…the image of who you are to be…the father/husband/leader He is preparing you to be…He just wants you to be faithful and trusting in the process of it.  It’s hard and that’s why you have brothers and sisters to lift you up when you need a hand.  I’m with ya on this one.  God is doing the same in my life…letting me see how i fail to be the leader I need to be in this family of 2…but I know He’s faithful so I try my best to be faithful to the family He’s so graciously given me.  If He let’s me in on any secrets you’ll be the first I share them with :).  Love ya bro.  Scott

  4. As a woman, I have to admit that there are things we can do to help or hinder our husband’s abilities to lead. Maybe this is an area in which you and Amanda BOTH need to learn to, and let you, lead. I’ve seen (and experienced) the stronger the woman, the harder it is sometimes to be the leader of her.

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