Fantastic Fridays

I can’t believe another year has come and gone. Working 2 jobs has made time fly by for me. So here’s to some of my favorite fantastic finds over 2006.  Special thanks to Amanda Dyson for her input on the favs.

Time to Hunt Mario
I always get a kick out of this one. I could watch all day. Ok, maybe not all day. But at least 5 minutes.

Fish ‘n Flush
Perhaps one of the greatest inventions of 2006, allowing you to pop a squat and entertain yourself while watching all the little fishies.

Nintendo Alarm Clock
Dude. Seriously. How could this not make the list?

Sun Jar
Very innovative and just stinking cool to have.

Inflatable Church
Its an inflatable church. You can’t get much cooler than that. Works well for those “church on the move” goers.

Vodka Pipeline
Surely everyone remembers the pipeline border cops in Boholovo discovered to have been used to transport vodka. Great find!

Grass Wheel
Ah, the grass wheel. Allowing bare foot lovers to walk in peace no matter where they go. Brilliant concept. I wonder if it comes in compact edition.

Nope, its Soap
If you missed the one the first time around, here’s your chance for next year’s white elephant gift party.

How to fold a t-shirt
Face it. We all have to do laundry some time. And when we do, we will inevitably have to fold a shirt.

Falling Sand Game
This was  a major hit. It’s pretty much pointless, yet entertaining for hours. That’s what makes it fantastic.

So, there you have it peeps. My fantastic fridays highlights from 2006. Admit it. It was worth wasting the 5 minutes it took to read this entry. Cheers to another great year. Keep the suggestions coming and I will keep posting them.


3 thoughts on “Fantastic Fridays

  1. I loved the fish’n flush!  Not the greatest environment for the poor little fishies to live in though lol.  I loved the alarm clock and sun jar but both out of stock!  OH OH does the inflatable church come with inflatable christianity that I can blow up and deflate depending on the people I’m around, my mood or my situation?  That would be fantastic!!!  hehe

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