The Dangers of Mastication

Did you blush when the word “mastication” rolled off your mental tongue?  Not to worry. It means to “eat” and it can be a very dangerous thing. My fam and I were eating at our favorite restaurant in Plainview, TX. That is to say Taqueria Jalisco. Perhaps one of the best kepts secrets in this small town. Excellent food at a very reasonable price.

Back to the story. I was chomping on some bistec ranchero when I piece of meat when down the back of my throat whole. I could feel the pain in my chest as it continued to wedge itself further down the digestive track. Then, out of no where, I get a breath-taking sharp pain between my shoulder blades. From that point on, I couldn’t hardly move without gasping for air. The pain was so intense I couldn’t eat unless I turned my head 39 degrees left, with a slight tilt, and had my arms twisted into human oragami. Needless to say, Amanda couldn’t stop laughing.

I went home and laid on the hard floor for two hours. It was the only way I could move my arm without feeling the sharp pain. I am a little sore now, but my range of motion is back. A hot shower really did the trick.

So, yeah, be careful when you masticate.


8 thoughts on “The Dangers of Mastication

  1. seriously lack of mastication almost killed me 2 weeks ago too. a heinous piece of ham unfolded in my throat, food collided with it and plugged.peace be with you

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