Fantastic Fridays

Your weekly linkage to my fantastic finds

Pandora Internet Radio
Thanks to Michael for pointing this one out. Pandora is perhaps the best internet radio I have ever come across. What sets it apart, is its ability to match your favorite bands with music you may have never heard of, but sounds similar.

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup – PhoRizzle
I believe Sam came across this site. It was worth a good laugh. Check out the title of the restaurant.

Perfect Circle
Ok, so drawing a circle isn’t exactly rocket science. But this guy draws them well. Just watch! Thanks to PushingFoward83 for this one.

Point Knitting Cafe
Due to my wife’s love of both New York City and knitting, I felt compelled to put this on here. Should we ever have the privilege of going to NYC, we will definitely make this one part of the tour.

Mobile homes have a whole new spin thanks to the guys over at Breckenridge Finer Living. For around $50k you could land yourself a very nice piece of modern design. Perfect for a bachelor pad or a couple just starting out.

5 Point Harness vs. Robot Arm
This video illustrates the importance and strength of a 5 point harness safety belt system.

Castle Smasher
Came across a fun little game that won’t take up much of your time. Provided you exercise discipline.


4 thoughts on “Fantastic Fridays

  1. That castle smasher game was fun, I think I could be at that kinda game for hours lol, and the five point harness, looks like that guy almost hit his head a few times. Very Cool. Have a great weekend/week! God bless

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