Fantastic Fridays

Christian Exodus
You all can thank Adam for this entry. Unbeknownst to me, the Christians are all rallying together to infiltrate South Carolina, succeed from the States, and become our own nation altogether.

Tired of looking at the same desktop on your computer. I found some fantastic desktop wallpapers over at desktopography, designed by some of the best. This year’s theme is the outdoors.

Jason Johnson (website | blog)
My daughter is of course fantastic. She turns 1 tomorrow (post soon to follow). But what makes this entry fantastic that we had her pictures taken by our favorite photographer, Jason Johnson.

How to Infuriate Someone

Another way to waste your time. I like to click until they are completely off the screen and let them fall.

Your online directory with Google Map access to the worlds greatest and safest cross-gender restrooms. You know you its awesome.

Bruce Lee Theme Park
The psychotic karate nerd in me is speechless.

These Nintendo wiis and their look alikes are cool.

USPS gone Jedi?
The United States Postal System has embraced one of America’s greatest icons. Vote on the next set of stamps they are putting. Thanks to my gorgeous wife for this one.



5 thoughts on “Fantastic Fridays

  1. I think I am wth moostie_lou on the Christian Exodus. LOL…If Christians all live together, in their own bubble (speaking of which, that one gave me a head ache LOL), how will we ever reach a lost and dying world?

  2. crazy South Carolina-ians lol 😉  yes that’s the answer to our problems…”I don’t like you I am going to go build a club house of my own!” so 😛 lol

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