Fantastic Fridays

Steve Harvey Introduces Jesus Christ
As the title suggests, the comedian introduces the Man. It was funny and great!

To Write Love Instead of Pain
Karipgrl is one of my fellow bloggers in the Xanga corner of the
internet. I came across this powerful post and had to add it to the

How to do a Belt Flip
A crazy video to say the least.

Depressed Doodles
Andre Jordan does some pretty cool stuff with black and white doodles.

David Crowder’s latest video hit. Hilarious.

Thanks to Eric for this one. Take the power behind a wiki and throw in a map, and you have this awesome, interactive find.

Some of you may remember Pandora
from a couple of FFs ago. It is an awesome internet radio station that
matches the music you like with new bands. At any rate, some
legislation has gone through in the US that is highly taxing of free
services like Pandora. SaveNetRadio is a petition to cut down on this

Bash the Computer
Ever feel like hitting your computer? Me too! Now you can with this fun game.


7 thoughts on “Fantastic Fridays

  1. Clarification on the SaveNetRadio link:
    The recent ruling from the government royalty commission is making internet radio transmissions much more costly, and it’ll done on a per-user basis, making internet radio very, very expensive compared to traditional radio.  Even traditional radio stations providing an internet stream will have to pay the royalties for online transmissions in addition to royalties paid for tranmitting music on the air.  Services such as Pandora and Yahoo! Launch already have to pay royalties, but this recent ruling will make that impossible for all but the larger companies who can afford such a hit, and even they don’t want to take that kind of hit.

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