Super Hero of the Day

We just got back from supper at our favorite Mexican food restaurant
in town, Taqueria Jaliscos. Amanda’s back has been hurting her, so I
put the kids in the van this time. I was carrying the baby in one hand
and my drink in the other. I put the drink on top of the van and began
buckling Presley in. Meanwhile, Caedmon seeing his opportunity to
shine, grabbed the toy light sabre, wielding it with unending fury. A
few slashes, a jab, and a some really cool sound effects later, Caedmon
had the whole restaurant watching through the window panes.  You could
almost hear them laughing, as he struck down foe after foe.  When it
was all said and done, I called him over and buckled him in.

climbed into the driver’s seat and looked up to notice one of the
customers flagging us down. He was pointing up, when I realized my coke
was still sitting on top of the van. We told him thanks in some made up
sign language as I retrieved my near-death beverage.  After I got back
in the van, I told Caedmon thanks for his swordplay or else they
wouldn’t have noticed our drink. 

Caedmon replied, “Thanks for letting me be the Super Hero of the Day!


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