Fantastic Fridays

Not as bad as it sounds. The strip generator allows you to create your
own comic strips with drag and drop features. So, don’t be shy. Let
your inner humor come out and play for a while.

Bible Fight
This one IS as bas as it sounds. Put some of the Bible’s heroes and
villains up against each other in this melee styled combat game.
Admittedly, this might offend some.

TouchGraph Google Browser
Another innovative way of searching the web. Touch graph has developed
an image mapping that lets you explore the web through a series of
connections in visible bubbles. Reminds me of a hardcore brain storming

Power Cursor
Very creative use of the cursor and its interaction with the website. I
can’t wait to see more stunning features that enhance the interactivity
between the user and the sites they are visiting. 

Graffiti covered building
5 Points is a building in New York that hands out permits to graffiti
artists. I think some of the artwork is absolutely amazing. So if you
are into the graffiti thing, this is a definite must-see.

 Glass Illusion
I can’t figure out how he did it.  If  you do, tell me in a comment.

Wii Humor
If you don’t own a wii, don’t worry about this one.

Lite-Brite Online
You read it right! Now go play and revert back to your childhood for a few moments.

Draw A House
We have probably all done this before.  You know, you draw a house and
some one analyzes  your personality based on what you drew. I was a
leader that was passionate about love. Hmm…at any rate, one of the
cool features is that you can save your art work and link it to other
peeps via “streets.” 


3 thoughts on “Fantastic Fridays

  1. There are cylenders in each cup filled with the liquid.  That is why the cup is opaque.   When he pours, he pous out the liquid in the cylender as well.  I do not know how to spell cylender.  Anyway.  I’ve seen a kit like it in a magic store before.  I think when he is pouring them back into the cup he does it in a way not to fill the cylendar so they fill up without needing as much liquid.

  2. My brother figured it out, and it’s pretty much what the person said above. ^
    But that takes the fun out of it, no?
    Thanks for these fun links. 🙂

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