Being Relevant

I have heard it said before and at one time shared the same opinion.
That is that we, the body of Christ, are to remain relevant to the
culture in which we live in.  This like most good things, has the
incredible potential of being corrupted.  For me, I lost sight of my
purpose in the Body, having been fed up with legalism, I ran. I didn’t
want to step back into any building.  And some have lost sight as well,
because they are so caught up in being relevant they forget their
original purpose.  They install the latest technology, throw in a few
coffee bars, replace the pews with couches all in the name of relevance
and at the cost of authenticity.

Mind you, I love having a coffee
bar at our church.  The coffee bar or the couch isn’t the problem. The
problem is a dangerous trend in the twenty-somethings to get caught up
in cultural relevance, that they forget to be relevant to Christ. We
were called to be relevant to Christ first, the to our culture. Not the
other way around. Anyone get me?


4 thoughts on “Being Relevant

  1. I get you. In fact, one of the main reasons that I want to address the possible relationship of Christian mysticism and the emerging church in my dissertation is the very problem you bring up. In the history of Christian mysticism, deep theological doctrines always provided the context in which any experience was meant to be interpreted. I see emergents who desire to be relevant — they want the experience without taking the time to be grounded in the faith. Cultural relevance is important, but we have to know WHAT it is that we are trying to make relevant (because it sure ain’t just the church building).

  2. Excellent thoughts and that includes dannwigner’s comment. History has shown us we seem to allow the pendulum to swing from one extreme to the other and the church has not been the exception to that rule that it should have been. Actually, my thought is if we would think in terms of being community we would be less likely to go to extremes. However, anytime we forget the centrality of THE CROSS, we will be too concerned about cultural relevance. om

  3. Jesus said that if He is lifted up, He will draw all men unto Himself. Lift up anything else, church or culture, and you’ve got problems. I see this problem both with putting the emphasis on tradition and on emerging. I think that everyone in the ministry in America needs to read And the Shofar Blew by Francine Rivers, and everyone else would benefit from it. It’s a novel, but it very effectively addresses what can happen to a church that has its focus on itself and not on Christ.

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