Organic Fantastic Fridays

This week, I thought I would give a taste of the organic side of life. We try our best at a “crunchy” lifestyle by finding someCrunchy Lifestyle
fantastic organic or all natural foods and drinks (save cokes. Let’s
face it, organic cola sucks. There is no euphemism to replace “sucks”
as that word portrays the deep disdain I have for it). So here are some
things we were able to get, even in a small town like ours.

All Natural Cheetos
It’s your favorite cheese puffs made from organic ingredients without
the loss of flavor. In fact, I think they taste better than their
processed counter-parts. I just wish that would come up with the
crunchy version. No pun intended.

Annie’s Organic Line
By far the best mac & cheese I have ever had outside of home made .
The best part is that you make the sauce separately and pour it over
the noodles, giving you that creamy noodle goodness you crave. We also
buy spaghetti noodles, cheddar bunnies, and bunnie grahams snacks.

Horizon Organic Milk
You are going to have to trust me on this one. Organic milk just taste
better. There is a richness to it that I can’t describe. Horizon also
sells organic eggs, which doesn’t taste any different to me. But then
again, I am not buying just because of taste.

Newman’s Alphabet Cookies
You can’t have milk without cookies. We can go through a bag of these
in no time. We also gave a the Oreo alternatives a try. We didn’t like
those as much as the Alphabet cookies.

Amy’s Organic Line
What’s with the girls names? At any rate, all we have found is her
salsa in our local grocery store. But she has a whole line of products.
Hopefully, we will see more of her and Annie on the shelves.

RW Knudsen Apple Juice
This particular apple juice is unclarified, meaning it has not been
stripped of its “pulp.” Technically, apple juice doesn’t have pulp, but
that is the best way I can think to describe it. Unclarified juice has
up to 4 times the amount of cancer fighting anti-oxidants than the
clear stuff. The trade off: it has a shorter shelf life.

Stonyfield Yogurt – YoBaby
Hopefully, we will see more stonyfield. At the moment, we are trying
out their YoBaby yogurt which is jammed packed with DHA and the natural
power of yogurt. For an extra kick, they even mixed cereal in with the

Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter
With a name like that, it’s got to be….ok I won’t go there. However,
it is good. At first it was a little weird because the oils in the
butter would separate. But you get used to the stir and serve.

Steaz Sodas
Ok, the cola flavor still sucks. However, the root beer and cream sodas were really good.

And that’s just the food part of our crunchy lifestyle. We also have
several life philosophies that throw us in with the hippies. For one,
we cloth diaper. It’s not like the old days where you threw some folded
cloth and a safety pin together with some advanced origami techniques
to make a diaper. These days we use diapers like the Bum Genius or Wiggle Worm Bottoms. Trust me, if I can use them, anyone can.

My wife also had a home birth, which fits right in with the “crunchy
lifestyle.” Not that I have very much room to talk, but I liked having
Presley at home instead of being cramped up in a hospital room. You can
read the whole story over at her blog:

Nursing. I know that this is a woman’s topic, but my wife told me to
add this to the list. We practice extended nursing, which refers to
breastfeeding beyond the typical 6 months to a year. There are a lot of
medicinal benefits to nursing the second year. Kellymom has summed them up.

We also practice attachment parenting (AP)
and baby wearing. AP was popularized by Dr. Sears and for our family it
seemed like the perfect fit. Basically, it involves being there for
your child in every thing. The kids co-sleep with us, for example. We
don’t let them “cry it out.” Normally we are met a
do-not-defile-the-marriage-bed attitude. But honestly, there is no
support in the Bible either way. Or at least none that I have found.
Back then, the whole family slept together because they lived in one or
two rooms houses. It seems natural to us. And you only get to snuggle
those babies for a little while before they grow up on you.

As far as baby wearing, we like to carry our kids when they let us. There are this stinking cool carriers over at BabyHawk.
And yes, even I have one. Mine is camouflage on the outside with brown
minky on the inside. It is much more comfortable to wear Presley than
it is to carry her in my arms. And she seems to love it.

We also Home School. Touchy subject for some. However, I think that
if you have the opportunity to home-school your children, you should.
They learn at an accelerated pace with a lot more detail than the
public school offers. This is because your children get a lot more
one-on-one attention compared to a public school setting where it is
typically 1 to 20. Furthermore, you shape their values, morals, and
discipline when you Home School. You don’t have as much influence if
your kids are spending 8 hours a day away from you. Perhaps another
blog on this one. For now, here’s the coalition we are part of: Texas Home School Coalition

So there you have it. The crunchy side of Leggettville.


7 thoughts on “Organic Fantastic Fridays

  1. Amen on the homeschooling. I’m stll trying to convince Edgar. I also keep finding myself needing to explain the socialization issue and how it’s *not* an issue.
    My mom gets the newletter/magazine (whatever it is) from Texas Home School Coalition.
    I started using Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter after the tainted Peter Pan fiasco. I like it better. My family now uses Jif at home, and when I tasted it, it just seemed too buttery to the taste.

  2. I’m not much of one who’s trying to go organic. It’s a bit too expensive for me. However, I guess I make up for it by wanting to make almost everything from scratch. Well, at least at times.

  3. Yeah, that Smuckers’ peanut butter is good–especially when you think about its having no hydrogenated oils!
    And ditto with Michelle–homeschool rocks!!! I only went to public school 3 years, and have since renounced most of what I got from it! šŸ˜›

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