What I learned from Whoville

You know the story, right? You have got a town of cheery little
people who celebrate Christmas every year. And every year, their cheery
disposition irritates the Grinch to absolutely madness, up to the point
he cracks, goes postal on everyone and steals all their decorations,
their presents, and even the Who-pudding! And as we all know, come
Christmas mornin, the Whos down in Whoville didn’t care that they had
been jacked. They still celebrated Christmas morning.

As I sat in the service, yesterday morning, I looked around the
culturally relevant atmosphere. The coffee bar. The fantastic
projectors. The custom made videos. The drum set. The candles. You get
the point. I wondered what would Harvest Christian Fellowship be like
if all of this was stripped away. I honestly believe that the worship
would be just as powerful and the sermons would still be right on
target. And so, I am satisfied.

Every so often, it is good to reflect upon which side of Whoville
our worship is on. Are you living in the cave up north or hanging out
with the pudding?


2 thoughts on “What I learned from Whoville

  1. This post reminded me of the simple truth held in the Matt Redman song, “The Heart of Worship.”Superchurches are great, but in all the culturally relevant atmosphere (I love how you use that! :D) the focus must remain the same: it’s all about Jesus. If we lose that, our buildings and songs and atmospheres are all vanity. Keep writing, Kevin, I always bring something away from your blog. God bless.~Andy

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