Fantastic Fridays

Steampunk Workshop
Introduced by the anti-blogger himself, the steampunk workshop comes up with some very creative mods with modern day items.

Modern Pencil Art
Another some-people-have-too-much-time-on-their-hands entry

Mini-Putt 3
Hey, its mini putt-putt online.  How can you go wrong?

Knit Knight Cupcakes
My wife
is a knitter if you did not know. So she came across these first. I
just have to say, that  these are by far the coolest cupcakes I have
ever seen.

Eiffel Tower QTVR
Another  virtual reality tour.   This time of the Eiffel Tower.

Zoom Quilt
Absolutely amazing. Ever seen one of those pictures within the picture?
This is an interactive version that allows you to zoom into picture
inside the picture through a continuous loop. Very cool. You have to
see it.

Mighty Magic Tricks
This site explores the  possible solutions to magic tricks by the
industry’s top illusionist. Interesting if you are into that sort of

By far, the best typing game I have ever played. I scored 875,460 which
was more than average. However, I think I can do better. 




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