Clean Up Your Spiritual Life

Lately I have been so busy that I have neglected to keep my blog
fresh. I apologize for that. I am taking 6 hours of graduate work and
have a full time job which has become surprisingly busy for this first
month in the summer.  On top of this, I have the 2 kids with incessant
energy, not to mention a gorgeous wife who needs help around the house.

However, I do have something to contribute to the blogosphere.
And that is a way of cleaning up your spiritual life, especially when
your vision is clouded with muddy theology.  Use this simple, yet
powerful Spiritual Soap:

Study – Get in the word of God and study. Don’t read a few
verses and say a who-ha prayer to get through. Actually break out some
serious studying tools and dive deep into the text. Find out who is
saying what, why they are saying it, and what relevance would it have
in their cultural context.  Step back and look at the big picture after
it is all said and done. Do you see God there? Do you see where He was

Observe – After you study, try to immerse yourself in the
culture, the sight, the sounds.  Smell the salty air blow past you as
the Saviour climbs  into the boat.  Tremble when you hear the thunder
at his death.  Feel the furnace radiate as the three Hebrew children
are thrown in. 

Apply – Undoubtedly, you will come across life changing
spiritual truths with every encounter you have with God. So apply it.
Obedience is probably the hardest part of discipleship, but it is
absolutely necessary. Actively engage the text to apply it to your

Pray – Prayer is very lacking in most of our lives. This is
especially true in light of our fast paced society that is rooted in
instant gratification. However, if you review the life of our spiritual
forefathers, you will notice a trend centered around the acts of
prayer.   Get in the habit of praying about every detail in your life.
If you are walking to another office, be alert of the things going on
around you.  Someone might be having a rough day, so pray them through.
Someone else might be having the best day of their life. Rejoice with
them in Spirit and in truth, thanking God for the ability to express


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