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My blogospherical friend, Adam, tagged me. So here’s the top 5 things I dig about Jesus Christ:

1. He walked on water.
How stinking cool is that? Definitely up there with the top 10 characteristics of a super Hero.

2. He’s coming back
Let me just be honest with you guys.  I love you, but you suck at
keeping up with God. You’ve all missed the mark, as have I.
Furthermore, if you screwed me over as much as you screwed Christ over,
I wouldn’t have died for you. And I certainly wouldn’t be coming back.

3. He calls me his own.
So, this is the real reason He is coming back. 1 John reminds us that
God lavishes His love on us because we are His children. Parenting has
made the most profound effect on my understanding of love because of
the depth in which my love grew for my own kids. 

4. He comes with table flipping action.
There is just something about righteous anger that gets my adrenaline
going. Christ wasn’t just love personified. He was justice, mercy,
grace, discipline, the wrath and totality of God wrapped up in one
package. Here’s the kicker: when Jesus was angry, He did so with
purpose and love.  He knew when to flip the tables (i.e. money changers
in the temple) and when to remain silent (i.e. standing before Herod).

5. Jesus is God.
Try putting that on your resume. 

So here are the homies that I tag:
Chris Williams
Dann Wigner
Wes Somethingoranother
Crystal Renaud
Asher Thayer



4 thoughts on “Tagged, how I love to proclaim it

  1. Ah, yes, the Righteous Anger Jesus action figure.  Not only good commentary, but makes a great conversation piece.  I wish I had money for one of the T-shirts.

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