Fantastic Fridays

Ok, so iGoogle isn’t new. However, their themes are. I have mine set to
the bus stop. And what really takes it over the edge is that the theme
itself will change with the time of day and the weather conditions.

This is probably first time spam has ever worked on me. I picked this
up in my spam filter and couldn’t let go of it. Basically, it is a site
that lets you play different versions of circular hero. My favorite was
PacMan Xionix.

The nerdy web designer in me screams “FANTISTICO!” These artist created
a mini-clip that interacts with your browser screen. Just awesome. 

Brian Regan’s “Poptarts”
A YouTube video with a good, clean laugh. 

Upside-Down Ternet
Ok, so it is another nerdy entry. However, you have to admit that what
the guy did to the neighbors stealing his wireless access was pretty

Extreme Pamplona
A fun, quick game involving a runner, a bull, and crazed fans.

Paul Potts sings Opera
First off, I have thank fellow blogger Maggie
for this one.  If you are big fan of America’s Got Talent, then this is
right up your alley. In this British version, appropriately titled
“Britain’s Got Talent,” Paul Potts does a breath taking performance
bringing a mixture of tears and shouts to the audience. The guy’s
humility sweetens the pot!

Get ready to be insulted. This new interactive search engine will either leave you frustrated or in stitches.

Now all the emos can have their own crayola set. 

30 Different Way to Tie Your Shoes
Hey, I bet you didn’t know all the possibilities.  Step out on a ledge
and take a shot having a funky new conversation piece on your feet.


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